Company Intro


DAE-DEOK Machinery
Will Do Its Best for Customers.

It is a great pleasure to be able to greet you, even if only in cyberspace.
Since its establishment in 1974, DAE-DEOK Machinery has grown as a leader in the development of the domestic special equipment vehicle industry through continuous business innovation and technological development, and we have kept the pride as being the only "Korean company" in the current domestic special equipment vehicle reducer industry.
As a result, we have developed various products such as P.T.O., winch, swing reducers, etc., as we secured competitiveness in the special equipment vehicle reducer sector.

Now, in the globalized era, all of our staff will work as one with the goal of going beyond Japan and Russia to become the world’s top reducer company and strive for technological development and quality innovation.
We will be your trusted partner who is by your side with the best products and services. We would like to thank our customers who have watched and supported our growth and achievements, and we pledge to do our best to practice management of sharing and coexistence while building a healthier and brighter future for all.

Thank you.

DAE-DEOK Machinery CEO Lim Gwang-cheol